Modifing midi-signals

im new with all this midi-mumbojumbo… so please help me out if you can.

i wonder if there is any way i can “modify” the midi-signals with effect-channels. I better explain myself better, ey?

If a record a C-4 for example… and then i want to change the volume on it, can i in that case use the C00-effect or some other effectattribute to change the velocity on the midisignal? Is this in any way possible?

hope to hear from you guys soon… :unsure:

MIDI/VSTi velocity is mapped on sample volume command (0Cxx) so the answer to your question is yes.

you can also use these commands for MIDI/VSTi:
Panning row MIDI / VSTi commands
90 Send CC change
91 Pitch bend
92 Program change

Just kind of a related thing I came to think of now when I saw the subject “modifying midi signals”. Bars & pipes (ancient MIDI sequencer on the Amiga) had MIDI effect boxes that could modify the signals in real time by i.e. adding delay and lots more. Kind of interesting since it took no processor power. But then again quite limited and pointless nowadays.