2oo4 freestyle, just mocking around

thanks to:
-lack ov oxygen, tobacco & coffee
-FT2, copy, cut, cut, copy, cut -> Renoise, paste, paste,paste,m paste, delete, cut, delete, paste, render ok?


Writing while listening

This sure sounds like something I have’nt heard since I used protracker

It sure is tracked, no doubt about that :rolleyes:

Some cool breaks in there, but I can’t say that all the track is good
Should have had more variation

All in all, I think this is one track I will listen to once or twice and then forget. But maybe one day it will show up in one of my playlists and I’ll say “ah, cool track by robert”. Like you do with the crappy stuff heatbeat did back in the days, it was just cool cause heatbeat made it. If you know what I mean.

Peace B)

errrr…heatbeat is an artist?