'modular' Sequencer

Hello guys!

Just started using Renoise, after I heard some good stories about it and suprisingly it is also available for mac osx so I can use it while on the road!

As a deep-seated Buzz user and doing live perfomances with buzz (www.303f.com) I’m very interested in renoise, it has realtime effects, it has midi controller bindings, it is stable and easy to learn and I could use it on stage.

Only thing I ‘miss’ is that in Buzz you can track every ‘sound generator’ (ie a VST plugin or tracker) indenpendent from each other, for example : a bassline with 1 pattern and a beat with 4 patterns. Changing just the beat is then very easy by changing its curent pattern, while the other instruments stay at their pattern. This gives alot of freedom on stage, as you can combine the patterns differently every time.

In Renoise I would have to make a pattern for each combination, for example the beat with 4 patterns and a bassline with 4 patterns. For all combinations possible I need 16 patterns, while in Buzz you can combine them on the fly.

Is there a different way in Renoise to achieve this kind of freedom? Like a trick with the send devices, or is there already or planned possibility to use tracks accros different patterns?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,


(maybe I posted this in the wrong topic, it should be in the ‘beginners section’ probably)

nope, modular pattern design is not possible.
and as far as i know, this is not a planned feature, but i’d be pleased to hear that i’m wrong on this.
another thing you will miss from buzz: modular effect routing.
also not possible, however there is a workaround which requires the usage of a VST plugin called “EnergyXT”.

btw: welcome to the forums and happy birthday! :)

Well thank you :) Quite suprised that you answered my post, as a very very old music scene colleague, (bizarre 97, neo|rbi :rolleyes: )

ahh neo! i knew your name and 303f was somewhat familiar, but i was uncertain about who you actually are. ;)
glad to see you’re meanwhile pretty successful with 303f and it would definately rock if you’d join the renoise family, although buzz might still have its advantages for live performances, but aferall, it’s not all about performing live or? :)

I actually think that it is planned/debated at the moment in one of the ideas threads.


Actually it is possible using send channels. In Renoise you can send one send to another which gives you full modular capabilities.

I once was arguing with someone here about modularity. As I remember I’ve made a crazy connection example in Buzz and told the guy to reproduce this in Renoise.

And he did.

yes, you’re right!
and you know what? i just figured how to do it the very day i posted the above.
basically the key is to use SendDevices in “keep source” mode, which i never regarded as helpful before.
so sry for posting faulty information… :huh: ;)