Modular Tracker


Damn how i like Renoise. Its all i ever wanted a tracker to look like and even be like. I especially like the instrument part. But why did i try Buzz before it! Because there i found something very powerfull. Modular tracking. And i dont think renoise can ignore the fact that modular tracking is the biggest change since trackers first came out. But talking as a composer. The modular consept feels so free compared to the linear style other trackers chain their effects. I have worked on mixers that are modular and i know how different they can be so what im asking might be to change the whole main system of renoise. But i ask you not to ignore it anymore. Making renoise a modular tracker would make it number one. A modular tracker isnt more difficult to use, in fact its easier.


see [pattern ideas discussion](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=6&t=1206&hl=)

for the 4th time:

BUZZ’s author did not accept to treat an agreement to let ReNoise suport BUZZ machines. The code was already been finished by ReNoise dev’s, but unfortunately some people do suck… :angry:

Anyway, an open ReNoise plugin API is planned for release with version 1.3.

This will allow us to code our own generators/effects and let the interact with ReNoise without the limitations of VSTi’s.

Damn I can’t wait for it :wub:

yes, it would be illegal and subject to author royalties as the current buzz license doesn’t permit others to use it (unless they pay much $$$ per sold license as oskari is not willing to give it away for certain amount and he wants approximately the same amount for buzz support per our sold license.

if you want buzz that desperately we’ll make separate version of Renoise license that supports Buzz machines and costs more. but this may be a good topic for WIP.

reagrding psycle- it doesn’t have buzz either.

i just said that didnt i ?

heard about Psycle yep… it seems good too… but it lacks abit of machine developer support though. What i ment was more like renoise as it looks now with its pattern editor etc but include a modular mixer to it. I can image how much work that could be though… im just saying :)

For all i know renoise might have been coded as good as it looks to :)

Why doesn’t somebody just write an open-source VSTi that loads Buzz Generators and VST effect that loads Buzz Effects? I’ll be more than willing to host it on my site and take on the legal battle with Oskari if the author isn’t.

It frustrates the hell out of me that he wrote this free app and got all of these machine developers to code for it and now he wants to make money off of their work without giving any of it back to them.

Uh, the GPL is specifically for the purpose of stopping people from making money by changing your free software.

Anyway, my point isn’t that it should be open source for some ethical reason, I’m saying it should be open source so that nobody makes any money off it and Oskari can’t get mad. Everybody would benefit.

And as for BuzzVST, that’s much different than what I want. BuzzVST is a lot like the Reaktor VSTi- it lets you lay out multiple machines, etc. It’s basically like Buzz running in a VST instrument without the Buzz sequencer. That’s kind of silly to me, since the sequencer was my favorite thing about Buzz. :)

W.I.P. speaks clearly:
users don’t want BUZZ support

democracy rocks sometimes :)

what about Psycle plugin format instead?
it’s open…