Modulation cutoff input value issue with glide in phrases

There is something strange about the input value for the cutoff in instruments. I’ve attached a song with 2 instruments.

One have “cutoff input value = 0.0 + operand 2.0” and the second one have"cutoff input value = 1.0 + operand 2.0". Why does both instrument sounds different, when the max value of cutoff is 1.0?

Bug or did i miss here something?

Renoise 3.01 on windows 7 64bit

? sound the same here…

Which system do you have and what renoise version 32bit or 64bit?

Edit: Nevermind, i saw you signature. :slight_smile:

I’ve attached a wav export.

Does it sound different? The release phase?

Attachment 5723 not found.

Yep it sounds different. You can hear it with headphones. It seems, there is a short attack on the cutoff in the first pattern.I previewed your export on my chromebook with inears. I found this issue on my main system with my sennheiser headphones.

edit: it’s very subtle in my example song.

It’s this problem here:
Only happens in combination with the glide command in phrases and is already fixed in Redux, so will be fixed in the next Renoise update too.

ok, great. thx, taktik :slight_smile: