Modulation Graph consumes too much CPU

Drawing an envelope in instrument editor ( old 2.8 style envelope ) consumes way too much cpu …
I have an old pc so it will be even worse , but I am testing this on a quad core , and it feels slugish

what system? …and by “old 2.8 style” do you mean compatibility mode? (ie. renoise asks you to upgrade it)?

By old I mean the points envelope , drawing points with pencil wel I have an ancient system talking one core +3600 amd .
At the moment I am testing this on a quad core +2600 ( pre intel i generation ) plenty of ram but not optimised for audio .

Perhaps you can try lowering your frame rate in Renoise via: Preferences > GUI > Limit frame rate

The default is 60fps, but I find that you can quite happily work at 30fps or even 20fps, and it can help to give you a little performance boost.

Yeah, what’s the difference between 60 fps, and not ticking the “limit frame rate” box?

btw i agree it’s very usable at 20fps, and the graphs still look “punchy” not sluggish.

i second that