modulation matrix and so

It’s been a long times since I opened Renoise.
Yesterday, in search of new inspiration for a new production, I closed my Logic Pro (buggy, slow and eye-candyer), and I re-opened Renoise.
Something happened and a song started to build up…
…Until I remembered what I missed so much in other Synth and D.A.W…
A key input for sidechaining (not a big problem since I can use meta-devices for most of my needs)
and a modulation Matrix.

Simple as that.

No way to connect different parameters in the instrument like velocity-filter cutoff or keyposition-sample start position, or velocity- attack time. Stuff like that. Even my first sampler did that…

Advanced modulation option are very welcome! (envelope morphing between layers via velocity… etc…)

Key-Tracker and Velocity-Tracker Meta Devices??? Although not linkable to the Renoise Instrument itself, you can do it for VSTi (using the Automation Device as well obviously) or any DSP, native or third party. - EDIT yeah I see you do seem to be talking within the native instrument and I agree Env Amount and follower options definitely are missing from it.

Either that or I don’t understand you.

And don’t forget the Hydra, if you want to be able to link multiple meta data events (including automation curves or FLOs) to multiple control destinations at the same time!

Yes, the native sampler is still missing many of these simple features which can’t really be fixed by veltracker-lfo style envelopes (some fx then seem to have 100+ sample inertia)
to add to the table a little bit, I think there should be a type of switch saying “this instrument is drumkit; note-offs won’t be recorded for it unless explicitly entered in pattern with capslock”