Modulation & Threshold Device

Not sure if these have been suggested before, but anyway, thought I’d mention them.

It would be really nice to have some kind of ‘Modulation Device’ where you could set an LFO device, route it into my newly termed ‘modulation device’ and have it control multiple DSP’s or parameters.

For instance, how about sweeping lots of bands on an EQ or having it control multiple bandpass filters? with ONE device.

Also a threshold device, working similarly to a gate2 but instead of just ducking or gating, the output could be routed to another dsp controlling it’s parameters, or even a modulation device, controlling multiplle dsp’s.

Couple these two devices up and you have some really powerful control options IMHO.



Yeah… Been suggested before. A generic slider device for routing a slider to multiple modulation sources also. I think it, or something like it, pretty much needs to happen at some point. There’s a limited number of pattern effect columns. I’d rather see “macro” effects than more columns.