Modulation Window - Zoom in


Is it possible to zoom in horizontally on the modulation envelope? I’m mostly working with short samples here, so I would like to use the whole window for it. Intuitively I tried the scroll ring on my mouse, you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your time!


Hi there, @spdk :slight_smile:

256ms is as far in as the envelopes go visually. If you need to shorten the envelope more than 256ms, you’ll have to use your ear and type it in / slide the envelope window points visually - I’ve got a pic and a video for 'ya!


If those don’t work enough for you, then you’ll probably need to go into the sample editor and adjust the sample that way - semi “draw” the envelope by reducing the volume of separate samples within the sound itself.

It is only possible with the “External Editor” for “X Envelope” or X Stepper:

  1. Volume Envelope or Volume Stepper --> Ext. Editor
  2. Panning Envelope or Panning Stepper --> Ext. Editor
  3. Pith Envelope or Pith Stepper --> Ext. Editor

Probably, some users will not have seen that an “External Editor” is available. Press in “Ext. Editor” button.

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Yeah, the envelope works for me, thanks guys!

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