Freestyle Compo

The summer is over. Holidays are over. It’s time to get back to school/work …and it’s time for another edition of music compo! :D
This time it’s called Freestyle Compo.

The main rule as always is simple - there are no big restrictions so that you could make the most of your favourite tracker :)
Wanna write 40-channel xrns tune? Think that 16-channel xm can beat everyone else? Maybe want to show that even nowadays “4-channels should be enough for anybody”? ;)
No problem! Launch your tracker and prove that neither format nor amount of channels determine a great tune, but music itself! :)

Deadline: 06.10.2007

Detailed compo rules:

nice, i’ll try not to forget participating =)

So it begins. 13 musicians. 13 tunes. 13 different ideas and styles. Who shall win? Vote and decide the winner right now! ;)

All tunes and the voting page are available in the ‘Compo’ section.

Voting ends on 20.10.2007