Momentary bandpass on the master spectrum...

So here’s a thing I do, and maybe it’s just me and this is totally bs, but I tend to stick a bandpass filter on the master out and sweep it to look for trouble peaks, or identify which track is contributing the most to something I want to cut. It’s pretty frustrating to be confined, mouse resolution wise, to the little slider on the filter effect, with eyes on the master spectrum.

I keep thinking it’d be great to ctrl+click+drag on the master spectrum to inspect the frequency the cursor is pointing at, momentarily, perhaps with Y axis for Q and X for frequency. Might even be neat as a live element given some crossfade. Thoughts?

I agree with this.

That’s a nice idea for a vst if it doesn’t get picked up.

The VSTs already exist, but I quit VSTs. (DMG Equick?)

I don’t want to complicate my life with external apps, stuff like this helps Renoise be the beginning and end to the production process, which is great.

Try fabfilters Pro-Q. It does exactly that (and moar!)

You could always assign it to a MIDI controller.

Or if you just want finer control, you could run a Meta Mixer to the frequency and set the weights to something like 100/10/1, so you have coarse, medium, and fine adjustment sliders. Just remember to set the second and third ones to 50% before you go sweeping so you can use them to adjust down as well as up.

@wahrk, that’s actually a good solution!

I would vote for higher resolution on the mouse control side of native filters though. Comb Filter is no exception. How about just Ctrl+Click for finegrained movement?

PS djbpf.xrnt

Or fine tune with the scroll wheel. That would be great :D :D

That’s that shit I don’t like! Scrollin is fo scrolling up n down the track dsps


I do that all the time! I’ve never used an XY device for it before though. That’s nifty. Come to think of it, I’ve never used the XY device for anything. Snap.