Monitor Headphones!

Hello there fellow renoisers!

In the sequence of selling my amp i have a budget of 100¤ to spend. Since that money won’t cut for a decent pair of monitor speakers i’ve choosen the second best way, monitor headphones.
I’m not an expert in this matter so i sniffed around and found those who seem the best price/quality relation there is.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs studio headphones monitor M40

Please, if you guys are experienced in this matter i would really like to hear your honest opinions!

Thanks in advance!

Take care! :walkman:

Generally, mixing/mastering with headphones isn’t recommended.
Your mileage may vary…

This is worth a read:…gheadphones.htm

yap, save up more money and go for some monitor speakers… you wount regret.

Thanks for the advisment. I guess i’m doomed to the coils of waiting… :expressionless:

no such thing as monitor headphones in my book.

If you are going to get some headphones, get the Sennheisser HD580/600/650. The 580 is still a brutally good headphone even though it is old now. I have a pair and they are amazing. Not cheap though. As they are old, you might be able to get a set of 580 or even 600 for your 100 euro. Maybe.

Check out this month’s Sound on Sound magazine, it has a large feature about mixing with headphones and choosing the right ones…

FWIW I have a pair of AKG K240S (I paid £75, so relatively close to ¤100) and I love them. You can also run them off weak sources like mp3 players or my Echo Indigo card.

Make sure you think about whether you want open or closed 'phones, and make sure whatever you will be playing them off has enough power :)

I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO and happy with it.
This is a classic model, used many years in studios allower the world.

Their detalisation like a sound microscope, so it’s indispensable when checking mix and correcting small details.

Yeah they are alright too.

Better build quality (well, more tough) than the senheissers, but not quite as elegent. Much better for playing out with though. I wish I could afford a set of these as well as my Senn. 650’s.

Buy me a pair Adrian. Haha :)

Like Dr Skunk, I have the AKG K240 Studios here too, a classic model. My Sennie’s don’t come close, so I just use them for DJing. I wouldn’t do any mastering on the AKG’s, but they still remain comfy over long periods, which is a pretty important factor if you do.

I think the best headphones for 100USD are the sony MDR-7506. Not to be biased against any other manufacturer, just my personal opinion. And yes its a better idea to get studio monitors.

You might also want to read this article in the latest edition of “sound on sound”:…gheadphones.htm

It will only cost you a little though (US$ 1.75 if you buy that article only, at the website)

And by the way. I use AKG 270 myself. But I want to buy a cheap but decent pair of studio monitors aswell, like Event ALP5. (The is an article in the latest edition of sound on sound reviewing those monitors too.

Yeah this range of headphones from Sennhieser is about as good as it gets. To hear any marked improvement from a headphone compared to this, you would need to spend a HELL of a lot more.

You are right about the openness though. They almost defeat the object of having a headphone!