Mono Button on Master Track & Change default Interpolation on Samp

Just like the title says.

Would be nice to just have a simple MONO button on the master track just to quickly A/B it without using the Stereo Expander.
The Interpolation on samples is default to Cubic. Why Isnt there an option to switch the default on ALL instruments to whatever you want?

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great ideas. scriptable, also.

since the Stereo Expander, when set to Expand value 0, is Mono, the solution is this:

this loads a Stereo Expander into selected_track, sets value to Mono, and renames the device to “Mono” and un-maximizes it so it doesn’t take any needless space.

I have a specific (using Windows Explorer / macOS Finder) sample loader within Paketti, which also sets Autofade, Oversampling, Interpolation Sinc. it would be trivial to make it so that the Interpolation is controlled by a preference within Paketti Preferences.

For me, “max interpolation” is good enough. there’s also shortcuts added for changing the interpolation:

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 13.20.12

thanks for the ideas.

how the Mono Device loader could be improved: if one already exists, then use the loader shortcut to turn it off, and if it’s loaded and off, then turn it on.

i added the improvement ideas to Improve Mono Button · Issue #80 · esaruoho/org.lackluster.Paketti.xrnx · GitHub for mono
and Make Interpolation settings for loading sample, configurable so user can decide · Issue #81 · esaruoho/org.lackluster.Paketti.xrnx · GitHub for interpolation.

let me know if you want “whole instrument interpolation” done, i could do that too.

Also part of tuned shortcuts since a long time. There also is a side check shortcut included, you can transfer maybe both of them then. Also I would make the shortcut having an on/off state, not just “insert mono device”, that’s too simple and not very helpful.

i’ve modified my scripts so that if “Mono” device exists, and it is On, then it is toggled Off. if “Mono” device exists, and it is Off, it is turned On. if no “Mono” device exists, then “Mono” device is added. seems to work as expected.
even if it is at the end of a long chain of efx.

now, what i think makes the most sense is if the user had control over whether Mono is added at the beginning, or the end of the dspchain. so i’ll make one that adds it to the beginning, and one to the end.

i’ll check your tuned shortcuts later. too much stuff to do. still going through 7000+ feature requests on ideas&suggestions.

EDIT: added the beginning + end shortcuts.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 14.34.10

thanks for the pointer, @ffx - you’ve done a lot of interesting stuff.