Mono Gate Switch

Is there a reason the renoise gate gates each channel separately? I have rarely if ever seen a gate that does this; it’s the #1 way to get completely messed up artifacts in your sound where one channel will pop in while the other remains muted.

This essentially renders the gate dsp useless for things like gated reverb effects. Unless, you know, your reverb is mono.

I’m sure someone is going to be all smartypants and tell me of cases where a stereo gate is useful, so i’ll compromise in advance and simply ask for a mono toggle switch on the device itself that lets you choose between left, right, stereo or mixed input.

Then there should be switches for both - input and output. So that it’s possible to get the original stereo characteristics back.
Yeah this is actually an important missing feature from the gate effect…

I don’t think he means to change the actual audio signal from stereo to mono. He wants to process the stereo signal with just one single gate behaviour applied to both left and right channels, so they remain synced. Plus the ability to set the gate trigger as either left, right, or a mono mix of both.

(And if that’s what you also meant, then I apologise, hehe. It’s late and I’m tired)

I tend to agree with him, too, because the Gate device does do some pretty oddball stuff if your audio has a lot of stereo variation.

Yeah. I’m also tired :D :P
And of cause (duh!) theres practically no need to change the actual signal, you’re totally right.

Place a Stereo Expander behind the Gate device, set the Expand value on Mono and the Mono Mix on L+R?

that’s fine ViniMan if you want a mono signal.

Maybe this is why I was finding it so hard to get a decent result out of the gate device the other day. Have to admit it’s one I rarely use.

We don’t want a mono signal going through the gate guys… we want the gate threshold to look at the centre channel instead of gating each channel separately.

A big +10000000000 for this request btw. I can’t stand it when my shit gates separately on each channel… I’m not even sure when stereo-controlled gating would be useful, to be completely honest.

  • one million.

But mostly this suggestion would help those who play around with gated stereo effects, I for one use the gate mostly for its original purpose. But I do tend to mess around with a Phil Collins gated snare reverb, so… please implement this!

There really should be a Phil Collins preset. Hmm…