I’ve been slightly less active on this forum because a few weeks ago I built a monome (or should I say arduinome since it’s using an arduino chip). IT IS FUCKING SWEET!!!

Here are the parts list for those of you that want to build one as well.

It wasn’t that hard to build, just some soldering and clicking pieces together. Let me warn you though, you have to solder it almost perfect otherwise you might bump into some bugs (row of lights/buttons won’t work).

ooh yes, those things look really, really sweet! man, i’d like one too. how long did it take you to build it? how about a little video showing it off, together with Renoise? :dribble:

Hey, Nice One! I can never figure out just what to do with my diecimila.
Def want to see pics! Good Times!

For future reference or FYI later on you can get an ATMega168 chip burned with the compiled code from your sketch for rather cheap and free up your arduino for more projects later on.

Want one but look at all those parts you need to get.

@Denim - it took about two days for me to build. One day to solder and the next to assemble and trouble shoot. I was taking my sweet time though, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got all of it done in about 4 hours.

Anyone down for a game of simon?

I ended up getting the clear acrylic case.
The video kinda came out shitty, it’s harder to play it with one hand. That and I’ve only had this for like two weeks.

sweet dude! thanks for pics and video!
let me guess… you’re controlling the “BassLine” vst, right?
and switiching patterns with this instead of the boring ol’ midi keys?

i imagine this would make a great combo with renoise, if we had the opportunity to assign different patterns in renoise to different buttons on this funky controller.

but wait… ableton? :rolleyes:
does that mean it doesn’t go so well with renoise, or do you just prefer ableton for live stuff?

anyway. it looks damn cool.
me wants. one day.

So far there aren’t any patches to link RNS and the monome together, there’s quite a few patches for standalone and ableton, that’s about it. I’m sure you can assign the monome to renoise as a trigger (kinda like an akai or trigger finger), but at this point I don’t see it doing anything complicated like loop scrolling/chopping. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure that the LEDs wouldn’t even light up. The buttons and LEDs are running off a separate circuit, that means that the patch that’s running not only processes what you’re doing, but also sends info back to the machine to tell it which buttons to light up. Sounds lame at first but when you think about it, you might bump into a patch that certain buttons will light up multiple LEDs at once in order to achieve a visual/audio effect.

Like for example, at one point when I learn max/msp I plan on turning my monome into a real simon game. Where I can press any of the four outer colors and all same color buttons light up.

ah. i see.
this is more advanced than I first thought. hm… i better do some more reading about this to fully understand it. thanks for sharing everything

i’m building one of these at the mo and am wondering if anyone has come up with any creative ways to use this with renoise? i don’t use ableton, so i guess i’ll be diving into the monome community apps. i know there are some vst sequencers that could be fun to use with renoise, e.g.,

hi meow,

just wondering if you’ve you’ve ever tried using molar/monochrome inside renoise? trying to figure it out at the mo but i can’t seem to get it going. :(

meow, you are a wizard B)