Monthly Renoise Centric Challenge 2020/12

great tune, considering the material… I’m really impressed by entries :smiley:

Thanks, and just go for it man… its a lot of fun! (-:

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The tune starts at 0:35 (size: 407Kb)

i literally did it in the past hour, and if i plan to finish this, i will add some orchestra strings and piano for sure… sorry for being lazy but the bass has only one sequence as you can see and hear, and the project is not having any progression in general :smiley:
Here is the project file:
chall001v7.xrns (397.2 KB)

note: video is unlisted only for sharing here


note : lower volume
here is the bass demonstration:
the thing that is missing in this video is the sidechain group - in which the bass is :slight_smile:
the bass sucks on its own, but when blend with the kick & sidechain, it’s not so bad


Wow. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Crap you guys are killing it.I am more of a vst person so this is very hard for me.I have like a minute song already but it’s barking from start to finish.Why couldn’t you post a cat sample?It would be easier for me since I have 4 of them,:cat:


i agree, cat purr is great for basses ;D
i can provide cat sounds if needed :stuck_out_tongue:

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So here is my “song”.

I feel very little among you guys. I spent 2 evenings on that crap :slight_smile:

2012_MRCC_thin.xrns (415.7 KB)

Now, I will study your files !


Sweeeeeeeet!!!It sound like those old casio keyboards

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This is wicked—that kick is fantastic. I also love the things you’re doing with modulation starting around 1:13 - that pitchy swelling in the pad is sick.

Three thumbs up!

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I’m impressed! Very good stuff indeed. Don’t worry about the time that it takes you to make things. Speed comes with experience. And you have a bit of variation going on. Little details. Which is most definitely a good thing my book. It makes me want to listen to it again and again. But composing that stuff takes time. So you’re doing absolutely fine.

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Ok. I’m old fashioned. I try to write melody lines with music.


Ok. I’m old fashioned. I try to write melody lines with music.

That’s sweet and also very smoothly sounding chiptune style to my ears. I wish you would publish more of your stuff. Also is there a dog barking in the song? :grin:

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@ffx I counted 4 dog barkings in @4tey track :sunglasses: :sweat_smile:

  • 0:32
  • 0:34
  • 0:47
  • 1:06

Good stuff! Nothing wrong with writing melodies. Too many people, myself included occasionally, focus too much on rhythm and atmosphere/texture. Under exposing this important part of music. So it is good you that you do.

If you’re open for a bit of feedback. I feel the last 12 seconds of the tune are a bit weak. It has so much moment, groove and overall vibe going…and then it just dies away. If you ask me that is a waste. If you’re up for it. Maybe you can try to compose a statement that ends your little tune.

But above all I would highly recommend taking this ‘1 minute’ idea and extending it to a full track. It is good, fun stuff that deserves to evolve and go places.

Thanks for sharing!

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When is the deadline? I want in on this challenge.

There is no hard deadline, that would be December 31st if there is one to pick, but you can submit afterward if you want. This is not a contest, there is no enrollment, qualification, or disqualification. It’s better to participate this month because there is some kind of “momentum” with all the people working on the same stuff at the same time, but that’s up to you :slight_smile:

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Here’s my “track”

Reuben.xrns (229.0 KB)


wow… this is really good!

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That is neat little tune lilith! I dig the bass line. Even though it is just a minute it you manage to go places and give it a proper ending. Well done!

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