Started taking Piracetam today, nootropics FTMFW!
Still needs lot’s more time to it, but I wanted to write this to mp3 to have a listen, and upload it here.

I can’t really upload the XRNS as it’s using an comb filter au component for the chill centerpiece happening in it.

Get a soundcloud account dude for easy listening access, you can easily embed your tracks that way in the forum using the soundcloud link in this forums media tags, will get you some more listeners surely.

About the track, would have sounded generic even in 1994 :wink: , nah m8 you got the nostalgic elements down allright, just to basic right now for my taste, increase the madness!

wikisend is pretty good, cause in 7 days it will be gone forevereverevereverever. :D

yea but I have to wait and download this file to my hard drive and delete it from there afterwards… And if I don’t it will sit there forevereverevereverever. <_<

next time, I will convert it to Real media’s 64K format, lock it inside a flash container, and post a broken link!

just kidding. if you don’t like it, good on you, because I like it, and that’s all that counts.