More Accurate Cutoff For Filter, Etc.

for instance i can go to 0.11 kHz but not 0.111kHz

i suppose i could use some downloaded plugin but thought i’d bother complaining.


i would like this too. but maybe someone will argue you can’t hear the difference… i wouldn’t know that.

you can if you got the resonance up

It sounds better to go to Hz when dropping below 1000.
So then 111Hz sounds more logical.

i would like this also, the filter seems a bit too steppy



I already think it’s weird how some devices are entered in kHz and some in Hz and have suggested this gets standardised across all DSPs in the past.

I also think it’s a display issue, like BPM only shows so many decimal place.

C&P from entering 0.11

Device only

C&P from entering 0.111

Device only

Strange thing is, unlike BPM, it doesn’t show you the full value when you click on it again to edit.

Its indeed just a display issue. If you enter “0.111kHz”, then it WILL be “0.111kHz”.

the problem with filter is also they’re not accurate. When you lp at 50 hz it’s in fact at 90 hz. as it is the visual display is not really usefull. i know you make music with ears and eyes but if their is a display it’s better that it’s accurate

For both the Butterworth filters the numbers are correct for about -3dB, as they should be.

For 24dB 4Pole and Moog filter types they are much less accurate, but both of those also have Resonance options. With Resonance at a minimum on both 24dB 4Pole seems to be 3dB down about 60Hz and Moog 3dB down at around 170Hz for a 50Hz input from some very quick testing.

How did you get your figures?

i’ve only tested the normal and moog filter as i don’t use the butterworth
i’ve tested them with the two frequency analyser i use voxengo span and the one in fabfilter eq. i’m in no way expert in sound so my best could not be accurate