More Advanced Midi Bindings For Pattern Sequencer

It’d be really awesome if sometime in the future Renoise would allow me to bind a button on my controller to select a certain row in the pattern sequencer (as in Select XX row in patternseq). Also I’d love to be able to bind a knob or a fader to edit the pattern-number for a defined sequencer row (as in Set pattern for row XX in patternseq). I don’t know if that’s clear enough, but what I’d love to do, is bind a bunch of faders on my controller to certain rows in my sequencer, and have those faders change the pattern for those rows.

As far as I understand, I can currently only edit the pattern for the currently selected row in the sequencer, and have the select next/prev row in sequencer bound to a pari of buttons. This is sometimes a bit of a hassle, though, when I want to change two rows that are apart enough that me thumbing towards them with the next/prev buttons takes a while, but close enough that the song will reach the second position before I get there.

Even being able to just jump to a certain position in the sequencer with buttons would pretty much completely solve my problem, and actually having individual pattern selecting settings for each (or the first 127 or whatever) sequencer rows would completely revolutionize my workflow. Then I could use the buttons to quickly jump to patterns in the sequence to make changes etc.

If any of this is possible right now, I’d love to know, because my current set up is certainly less than optimal (my fader-controller and Launchpad are joined by a Logitech G13 gaming keypad, with some really hackish macros to more quickly navigate the sequencer, I’d love to lose the G13, or maybe change it to a tiny two-octave keyboard or something) and any improvement would be welcomed with open arms.

Anyhow, hope I didn’t ramble on too long, but long enough to actually make some kind of coherent point. I absolutely love Renoise and hope to see it evolve in the exact direction it’s been going now. You guys keep blowing me away with incredible new features with pretty much every release :)