more dsp track commands

are these planned? i know the automation envelopes are receiving an overhaul…

what i’m mainly thinking is the use of effect slide commands…i’m not sure exactly what you could use as the command itself, but the ability to use a command to make a filter slide up and down rather than putting each individual value (which, unless you have the bpm very high/speed very low, often results in a sort of ‘staircase’ effect) would be very useful

again i’m describing this badly, but i’m sure you know what i mean :}

already requested,
already accepted,
already described (*),
already planned <_<

(*) martinal told us about DSP columns, which will be in one-one relationship with envelopes: what you write in these columns will be showed in envelopes and vice versa.

With the new model we’re planning envelopes and trackcommands will be the same thing, hereby refered to as “automation”. So you will be able to edit the points of an envelope as trackcommands, and thus have automatic interpolation of trackcommands if you want. Also, automation will be arranged as “clips”, which are lists of time/value pairs, so you can use automation with or without interpolation interchangeably for a single command. And clips can be linked, so the same block of values can be reused for many parameters and/or repeated for the same parameter as you wish.