More Filter Curves

As per title really. I find sometimes that I need a curve in between the pre set ones. Even just different orders would be good, 16dB, 24dB, 48dB etc.
Really nice but more difficult would be a filter-designer, similar to the one in Max

What do you think?

Have you tried?


Or Automasher:

Not quite the same, hard to precisely simulate common network-synthesis curves, and their phase responses.
If anything its the phase response that’s more important than the curve itself, trying to approximate the curve with parametric EQ can lead to all sorts of time-domain weirdness

Can you do any signal processing with the ‘Formula’ device, or is it purely for automation?

You can with the signal follower, i guess you can control the formula device with the signal follower and let that one do whatever you think you need to do it.

wait, can’t you just use the EQ5 or EQ10 as a filter-designer?

he wrote using eq cause phase distortion

oh, right, sorry, needed to read that post twice to get it. that stuff’s too complicated for me. i’ll just believe him on his word and give a +1 :D (unless somebody cares to explain this ‘time-domain weirdness’ in more detail, i have no idea what to picture for that…)

I’m all for having more filter curves, because I’d use them. Especially a -18dB curve. An assortment of 3rd party plugins gets me by in any case.

thanks for that explanation corticyde, understand much better now!

What about simply being able to morph between Biquad filter configurations?

If you’re on a Windows machine a good quick fix is the Engineer’s Filter. That being said, it has a really hard time being automated, but can really perform as any type of filer.

I would recommend all of these plugins, to be frank.