More Freedom For Sends!!!

its posible?

Nopes because vst(i) plugins already don’t allow the host to manipulate their audio-streams on that level.
A similar request to allow DSP processing of subcolumns is practically impossible for the same reasons.

bad! may be later??? plzzzz ))) hahahahah I want!

There is a lot of stuff i would like to as well that these plugin audio routing limitations prevent unfortunately. It is not that plugin developers can help either.
The VST 2.4 standard, doesn’t offer such flexibility. And if i read comments about 2.4 and 3.0 standard differences correctly on the KVR forum, the VST 3.0 standard ain’t offering much more flexibility on that area either and is hardly used outside the Cubase environment.

i think you uderstand me. I mean not the mobility of the column but its control