More Info On Automation

sorry for posting here, but I was in a hurry and didn’t have to have time to choose the right forum.

I often manage the Automation with Track Volume and Panning, and I noticed that it would be VERY nice to have the corresponding lines written on the lower part of the Envelope Editor, because by now you have to place a point and “take a guess”, and looking into the Pattern Editor to see which is the corresponding line until you find the desired one; it happens for example when I want to place a point in 1/4 or 3/4 part of a pattern… :ph34r:

I also know that the data under cursor is displayed pressing CTRL when moving points on envelopes, but don’t you agree that it would good to have it displayed on the vertical axis on the left and right of the Editor? this would be much more easier to quickly understand where to put a point… :rolleyes:

I mean, I don’t pretend that this could be implemented in the final 1.5, but I think you agree that these are handy features and I hope to see them in my favourite tracking program! :yeah:

keep up the good work! :guitar:


i am with you on this, it would certainly make using the automation area less difficult