More Looping Options Other Then The Standard

Hello, what I personally would like / love to see in the future is a way to program the looping points in a sample. So there would be a command for the starting pointer and a command for the loop-end pointer that could be programmed to create cool (dfx buffer overide-like) effects.

Also I’d like to see more ways in looping, so you could program the amound of times the sample loops forward and/or reverse.



Probably tucked away deep in some other threads, too. :D

But, yes, I definitely agree, this would be a very cool feature to have.

There’s a VST which comes quite close to doing what I think you want (and what I wanted) to do. It was found and recommended to me by choice on this forum.

JS Mini-sample V1.0

It’s a bit tricky to use, heh, but it does work.

You add it to a track as a DSP/VST effect. Play some audio through that track. Move the “fonction” slider to the right until it changes to record. Allow the audio to play for a little while (10 seconds max). Move the slider left into the play position, and it will begin looping the audio buffer it has recorded. Then you can play with the “In” and “Out” sliders to control the start/end position of the loop, and the “Sens” slider to change the loop type (forward, reverse, pingpong).

The only strange/bad thing is that even when you stop the song in Renoise, if the effect is still in the play position, it will simply keep playing, which can get a little annoying, haha. So, just move the slider back to the middle stop position either manually or with a pattern command.

Edit: Here’s a couple of extremely quick, silly examples :D

chuck d vocal
disco funk

Heizenbox2 also does this i believe…

…but yeah…
this functionality in Renoise as you describe it jonas would be very nice to have indeed.


Ooh this looks pretty nice too. Trying the demo now. Slightly odd interface, but I like the simple-to-use-and-get-quick-results wheels :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers for the link.

the brand new Pseudograins is also quite cool

but pseudograins works same like renoise offset commandos, so nothing really new here… maybe i should dive in it more, havent checked it that proper…


Yes, but them you can apply automation upon it.
That’s something renoise currently does not support.

yes you should :)
it’s really more than just a waveform rearranger, you can fukkup a sample beyond anything.
with the envelope controlled sub-loops it’s starting to get interesting… and as vvoois sais, with automating it’s just fun

ooh, i like the gui!

“Hello, what I personally would like / love to see in the future is a way to program the looping points in a sample.”

one of the first things i (optimistically) looked for … i’d love a capability like this too.