More Midi Problems (tempo)

im working on a remix,and it containts some midi-files

the original tempo of the track is around 138bpm

i set the speed to 3 and my tempo to 180

but when the midi-file starts playing the tempo jumps back to 138bpm???

what am i missing??

Maybe the tempo information from the midi files somehow gets included

try writing F0B4 in the effect row in the beginning of the song, that will set the bmp to 180 from that point and forward. I’m not sure if it will solve the problem but worth a try…

thanx butka will try it right away

Is there a midi device that has a tempo set? If Renoise is slaved to the other device, it will adjust its BPM to the tempo that it receives from the mastering MIDI host.

There are song cases where the initial tempo and speed is locked to the song from the first pattern in the sequence and changing the tempo and speed does not change this fact.
I personally consider this a bug since not all songs that are being loaded show this behavior.
The way i currently fix those problems is by fixing the speed and tempo using the pattern effect commands.
This is of course a problem if you use tempo values above 255.

butkas advice helped,i guess it was some tempo information from the midi-file that did that but typing f0b4 in the beginning helped.

btw i ran into another problem,i was playing a bassline on my midi-keyboard,and i was using the modwheel on the keyboard to make a wobble bass sound,i then tried to record it,but when i played a note on the keyboard and using the modwheel,it just stopped after one note,and the information changed when i used the modwheel

hope you can follow me,its quite hard to explain

Sound like you need pattern follow to be turned on while recording (default shortcut: scroll lock key)

if you import a midi then use the advanced edit to cut everything effectwise on the master-channel. Midi-files usually have some tempo-info in there.