More On Midi Controller Assignments

I have managed to map my 5 of my keyboard’s knobs to the EQ5 band controls. Great… On one track that is… If I add an EQ5 to a second track, the previous knobs don’t work. So… I map the same 5 knobs to the second track’s EQ5 and then I find that the 5 knobs don’t work on track 1 any more. :o

Is is possible to have Midi controller assignments remembered “per track”. Given that I only have 8 knobs to play with, it would nice to have knobs 1-8 assigned to different controls for each track that I create.

I’m using WinXp, Renoise 2.0 beta 4.

If it isn’t possible, I’d like to submit this as a suggestion. ;)

I guess I would get a midi-controller with more knobs… (…?) ;)