More Pattern Editing Commands

how about this for useful

right click in a pattern - option - delete all entries below cursor position / delete all entries above cursor position
sub - in pattern / in track

that would save loads of time scrolling though holding delete or highlighting and cutting out portions of cloned tracks in which you need to change parts

surely it would be simple to implement?

There are a bunch of selection commands that already do the trick. Try hitting Alt + Q/W A/S Z/X in the pattern editor.

man thanks - i guess i’m only too used to cubase style drop downs, should read the manual more i guess!

alt z was what i was looking for.

one other point why cant the curser be placed by mouse without double clicking? minor gripe for sure.

Click on the mousewheel to place the cursor…

I think it would be a good idea to add some of the most useful commands to the right click menu. Ok, mousing around isn’t as effective as key shortcuts, but I can never remember the commands I seldom use. So a drop down menu with commands and assigned keys would be great for learning, and for people that prefer to work with a mouse (hey they might convert with a little help).