!more Professional Graphic Look!

I’d like that new Renoise had a more professional graphic look.

Here some examples:

  • sliders like real mixers and graphic equalizers, with nick and dB level numbers;

  • grips with detection of the angle between current mouse cursor position and the selected grip position. I don’t like the grip value detection moving mouse “up-down”/“left-right”. The grips must be rotated: they’re grips, not vertical/horizontal sliders!!! Unfortunately, only few software-houses program the angle detection;

  • LEDs with reflection on the head and light halo effects;

  • needle/LEDs (analog/digital) VU-meters with the above effects, like real tape recorders and power-amplifiers;

  • light and shadow effects.

Naturally, all customizable by user.


so by “more professional” you mean more gimmicky.

no thanks, i’d rather spend my cpu cycles on dsp processing than pretending that my virtual potentiometers are hardware pots with realistic highlights…a tool that actually accomplishes a task instead of just looking like it does something IS, in my opinion, more professional. If you want to use a computer to emulate studio hardware use reason. If you want to apply computer hardware, fully, to the task of making music, use Renoise.


I’s that guy for real ? :P

I fully agree with Florian Mosleh.

i think you should spend some time putting together just what this guy said, but have the LEDs and meters display things that have absolutely nothing to do with the sound output. then see if he notices/cares : )

btw, i am very glad that renoise uses common sense sliders, etc. for DSP instead of those crazy grips. honestly, a mouse was not meant for turning knobs!



actually i had a point
tho you guys made it already

indeed the mouse wasnt meant to turn knobs
who ever thought up that idea anyways?
i mean
when i turn a knob i use usually my index an my thumb
who would turn a knob using only they index finger everytime?
(not to offend the handicaped)


i want a camoflage skin !!!

Yay, we finally found a Renoise-n00bie to pick on!!!

How fun, let’s dim the lights, push him up on the stage, throw a spotlight in his face and point and laugh while eating popcorn and drink cool aid!!!


So what if he’s not that familiar with Renoise? We’ve all been there.

So be nice, sheesh… you’re gonna scare him off the forum, or even off Renoise at all.

So cut him some slack ;)



[edit - Oops, I should learn to read. ;) Florian Mosleh already said it better. ]

ditto to dufey`s post

Make renoise completely skinable incl. icons, fonts & textures, and most people will be happy with that and the results it will bring.

One way it could be done is to move skin folder into themes folder, and every new theme should be accompanied with it’s own skin folder named the same as the xml file. If only the xml file is supplied it will use default skin folder.

ditto to ledgers`s post btw


i’m not trying to flame anyone. apologies to the newbie if he’s still around and got offended, but we have open discussions about proposed features on this forum, that’s all.

Mr (Ms?) VBAlk:
Please understand that many tracker types regard alot of the flashy bits that programs incorporate to “look” more professional as an encumberance and not an asset. Many professional programs (including Renoise and Ableton) actually forgo these. Also please understand if some individuals on this forum are a little offended when you refer to the interface of the software we use and love to use as “unprofessional”. I would advise you to not gauge the professional worth of a program on it’s aesthetics and more on it’s fuctionality.


what an absolutly gorgous chain of words!
this should be renoise mission statement. :)

This forum topic title is “Ideas & Suggestions”, not “Ideas & Suggestions for audio output”!

Mine is an idea, a suggestion, that doesn’t belong to audio, but to video. It’s however an idea, a suggestion.

Renoise sound quality doesn’t need to be more professional, because is excellent: 44100 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo, like CompactDisc standard.

I refered to an hypothetical customizable graphic look, and the Reason graphic look is an example. But this doesn’t mean that Renoise graphic interface is ugly. On the contrary! I think that Renoise has got a very good graphic look, and I get on well with its graphic interface, because it’s powerful and easy to use at same time. Reason isn’t a tracker and is difficult to use: I never should use Reason! Really, I use only Renoise to create music.

Why “customizable” graphic look? Simple! Because “all” users (owner of “obsolet” computers and owner of “recent” computers) continue using Renoise:

  1. owner of obsolete computers simply will deactivate graphic effects, like the Graphic Options Screen of a VideoGame. In this way, CPU precious cycles will be used for DSP sound effects, and the users can continue using Renoise, without any problem;

  2. owner of recent computers can customize the graphic look as much as one likes
    at will, activating all graphic effects without waste of resources (CPU cycles).

Hypothetical grips, hypothetical LEDs bar VU-Meter (and so on) can be used in an hypothetical mixer interface that gives a wide vision/view of the tracks levels and panning.

How does user rotate (by mouse) grips? Look at diagram down, that shows better the meaning of the angle detection control (excuse me for low graphic quality):

----- .
/ .
| o |
| + |
| |


Symbol Meaning

  • Grip outline
  • Grip center (X, Y) coordinates

o Grip indicator (X, Y) coordinates, calculated with simple trigonometry functions, Current mouse cursor (X, Y) and Grip center (X, Y) coordinates. Obviously, using indicator (X, Y) coordinates, also grip current value will be calculated.

<- Current mouse cursor (X, Y) coordinates

. Straight line points that intercepts Current mouse cursor (X, Y) and Grip center (X, Y) coordinates

Anyway, I like the fact that there is a chain reaction for this subject, and I appreciated your opinion. Thank you!



The forum destroied my diagram. :angry:

Use the CODE-tags to do your diagram ;)


Btw, well said dufey, I was actually thinking the same thing first time I saw this thread…

keep in mind that when you suggest ideas for development, you’re not just suggesting that the idea be made to exist, you are also suggesting that time, development and testing resources be taken away from other “ideas & suggestions” to work on yours. the ui just got an overhaul. it is in an excellent state. the last thing i would like to see now is the devs tearing the code back appart so that you can customize your controller model. you may want to check out “max/msp” or “pure data”, you can design your own sound processing environment including the interface using that.

I have not yet seen a home computer capable of handling enough good quality audio in Renoise (or anyother prog) @ same time. There is none. Simple GUI is fast GUI, and only good GUI is a fast GUI.

I like the version 1.5 graphical enhancements over the 1.0 versions.

Now what VBAlk said is fair. I think he has a point. My job is graphic designer and have to do this all day. And like Awesome who is also graphic designer, he took the look of Fast Tracker 2, and redesigned it to SKALE which has mixer graphics, LEDS, and such. (and no the graphic enhancements did not slow Skale down).

But all in all, I do believe Renoise’s basic modular design with a few enhancements like 1.5 is all you really need. Basically, 1.5 is very functional and everything is clean and easy to use. I like it.


i am a designer, and there is nothing quite so beautiful as the form that follows function.

I agree.

Yet, no one can "diss’ Skale, it IS exactly FT2-based. (and FT2 was based on Protracker…and so on) . I got bored at work yesterday, and decided to use Skale to make an oldschool 4-channel MOD with midi keyboard. It felt like using Fast Tracker two.
If I want to make something with VST-automation, tweak the sound quality, and use high quality DSP, then I use Renoise which has a great look and feel to it as well as functionality. (of corz)

Anyways, what I was saying about Tracker-look is this. During 2000-2002 the most used trackers were Modplug, Madtracker, and buzz which have this dry-boring windows interface and good sound quality. This could have killed ‘the scene’. So I stuck with IT during this time. When i first saw NT3 (renoise beta), I was like, “Hell Yeah” . :yeah: