More Resource Usage Data

There have been many times lately where I end up with bottlenecks in my songs… my CPU maxes out, and my song grinds to a halt.

I spend loads of time trying to figure out which plugins are causing the problem, as it’s not always apparent… this consists of disabling each VST I find until I find the culprit. This method doesn’t always work.

Would it be possible to somehow determine the CPU usage of each VST (and DSP?) effect like you do for VST instruments and display each of them in a single window so that it’s apparent who the biggest CPU whores are?

I’m sure this would help quite a few users here, not just myself. Any thoughts?


I’d like some transparency here aswell. There’s no way I’m gonna be able to afford a faster machine any time soon. Do you think a function like that would be CPU intensive in itself?

Profiling during rendering! (via a checkbox) That way the additional CPU usage doesn’t matter, and and you could also track it over time.

I often wished for something like this.

Some plugs eat resources at a song load, detailed song loading would be also useful. And audio buffer underrun counter, please!

I’m sorry… I dont’ want to have to render a track to see where my CPU destroying bottleneck is. It’s bad enough when just playing back. The way I see it, this feature would be dorment unless you opened the resource profiler.

In some ways you can globally guess which VST plugins take a lot of cpu resources. Synths vs. Samplers for example is a great example. Lots of effect plugins also consume a lot of CPU resources, filters and compressors do.
I don’t know if these VST’s come with buffers, but if you can enlarge the buffers to give it some more processing time, you could get rid of some cpu load as well.
I personally profiled some of my VST’s so i know which ones consume a lot of resources and which don’t.
So most of the time when i wander against these problems, i know quite quickly which ones to bypass or prerender.

I’m sorry as well, since anything half-assed doesn’t interest me enough to have any thoughts on it.

It’s very easy to profile stuff in non-realtime. It’s much harder to do it (accurately) in real-time.

+1, maybe something for in the mixer?