More Sky Jungle

Deadman Rawkin Versus The Super808

94-95 style jungle in 08’

-comments welcome

if anyone wants to remix i added the xrns up in my 4shared folder.
has no vsts in it…oise_files.html

need to add this to the renoise songs db

i like the old jungle feel and that dub skank.
flange is a bit mad, mix could be clearer.

thanks Syflom, !
i wrote 99% of it in the linux version, since i didn’t use any vst it was pretty easy.
an yes i’m not so good with the mix clarity yet. i imagine if i got a decent mastering/eq vst in the chains i could maybe get it a bit richer with sound quality.
-just now thinking maybe i should put a limiter on the drumtrack.

does anyone have the XRNS for this, link is broken.