More Success With Renoise...

After got a full album released in NY, FM airplay in US/Europe, few prizes, etc… all using Renoise…
I’m very close to have a work released in a mainstream label, and a lot better FM airplay is coming…

My last remix to Information Society had more than 2000 plays in only 9 days at his profile…
you can listen at

more info with more songs at and

cheers from Rio,

Wicked! Good stuff!

Congrats! I assume it’s just a beginning!

Congratulations! Keep on sailing, onward and upward my friend! :)

Very nice!

Congratulations, you’re an inspiration :)

Good to see more and more people from the Renoise community “making it”.

Good luck with your future projects!

Hey nice stuff, the voice…I taught is that David gahan from depeche mode? Even the style sounds like it hihi

thanks for all the kind words… :P
the remix was removed since had a leak of few songs and the band don’t want to let this one leak before the release…

you can listen to other at my sites… :D

and about the voice, I would love to have Dave Gahan one day to work with, but isn’t him there… the vocalist had a DM cover band in the past by the way, aside I don’t think his voice is much similar with Gahan’s voice… :D

thanks again!

cheers from Rio,