more suggestions

  1. a small input field for the trackenvelope which acts as a high and low barrier. let me explain :

next to the envelopes are two fields where I can input values, like 20 for low and A0 for high, and now whenever I edit the envelope in any way, like drawing lines or (and this is the important part) using randomize or humanize or something, it all happens within these two values.

especially the randomize thing is completely useless if you have a envelope for something which is not useful from 00 to FF (like for example with filters or anything).

  1. nearly the same thing for advanced edit : a range for the notes which will be affected by operations.

for example, I use my midi-keyboard to input some drums, using c-4 for the basedrum and c#4 for the snare, but after that I want to split these into two channels, so I can apply different effects to the snare and the basedrum. now I copy the track with base and snare to some other track and delete the snare notes on one track and the base notes on the other track by hand.

so it would be nice to have a box saying c-4 to c-4 and if i cut then only c-4 gets cutted from the track, no other notes.
the same for transposing and so on.

  1. a box in advanced edit saying “in whole song”.

if I want to humanize a track in the whole song, I have to humanize that track in all patterns by hand, so I would wish to have a box saying “in whole song”, so that when I select “track” and click “humanize” it will humanize that track in all existing patterns (or in all patterns in the patternlist or whatever).

btw, do I complain too much or make too much suggestions ? I really started to wonder (maybe because I am stoned atm). Does anyone think the features I requested over the past time are useful and needed ? :blink:

well these are quite usefull i think…

btw i forgot to post some suggestions recently:

  1. midi mapping of general commands like “play pattern”, “stop”, “record”. for example “c-2”=“play pattern”. aslo cursor keys and other control could be mapped as well, then you can edit a song with midi keyboard only. and btw octave changing should not affect them, i.e. midi mapped keys should “move” up and down as well with octave changing, then the keys always will be at the same place on real midikeyboard.

  2. need a hot key “select current intrument of the track(column)” which checks what’s intrument currently should play (just seaching most nearest inst. number from cursor to top of the pattern) and select it in instrumentbox. i think it’s very usefull. maybe there could be some option like “auto” for that function which select instrument every time you move cursor to another track (column).

  3. merge intsruments from a module. (did i suggest it already?). load all instruments from a module to free slots of currently loaded module.

  4. add “cuttoff” and “res” collumns, like “volume” and “pan”. they should be hidden by default i think to show standart view.

more later…

I like very much these two points!

about the 2nd, a little tip:

we all were great trackers on FT2 and stuff… :rolleyes:

now it’s time re-engineer our tracking skills anyway!

when you track a drum session, try to keep bassdrums on a column, hihat on another, snare on a third and so on…

this way, when you want to split/select/remove/paste… other stuff on that track, you can use the single column features (CTRL+SHIFT+…)

yeah, but if I input it with my midi-keyboard and not stepwise, I cant control which column it will be in.

yeah, but if I input it with my midi-keyboard and not stepwise, I cant control which column it will be in.

not when “KeyJazz” is disabled.

about your suggestions : maybe we will never have the time to implement all those stuff. If we dont know what people miss, we cannot choose the most important stuff to implement. So write down everything you can think of, and we all and especially registered users will decide what is usefull or not (WIP) and will be reality …