More Than 2 Input Devices?

the titles is pretty much everything iam asking for…

is it possible to use more than 2 midi input devices? maybe with third party software?
thank you very much.

can’t be done (yet)
only way is to use a midi hub, but everything that comes in would control the selected instrument.

I’m sorry, but it depends on what you want to do.

If you would like to use two Midi keyboards and a monome with duplex, you can do so.
Indeed, you can only fully (with Midi CC, pitchbend etc.) control one instrument at the same time currently regarding connecting input controllers to instrument
One might as well be able to program more midi device control scripts in Lua that not necessarily need to control instruments.
If one doesn’t feel bothered by slightly delays and lacking (pitchbend) controller messages, through midi and then back through OSC, you can control multiple instruments.