More Than One Midi Out!

It would be really nice if renoise could send out two midi clock master (or more) at the same time.
Maybe this is possible, but I havn’t figured it out yet.

I have one midi out on my sound card, and one midi out on my midicontroller. I want to use more instruments at the same time! :)


Yeah, it would be nice if you could assign clock on several midi outs. But for now you can use MidiYoke.

Thanks for the tip, dby!

I cant get Midiyoke to work as I want!. Please help me, dby. Maybe you can share your presets?

Oh wait, MidiYoke only provide the virtual midi ports. You need MidiTrix also, it’s a simple routing program. Sorry about that. Send Clock to MidiYoke and route to the two midi ports.

I will try that out! :)