More Timestretch Algos

i bloody love timestretch, the more native options the better for me.
something grainy for real time akaizms would be sweet (though offline akaizer or 0SXX do the job atm)

not sure how many parameters rubberband has but an option to adjust the amount of transient on Percussion mode would be so useful - something that leaves plenty of the attack of drums untouched but stretches out the tail.
at present it only leaves a sliver of transient intact and the result is too mushy / artifacty for punchy drums.

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There’s some really great custom time stretch algorithms in MULAB, maybe the dev is willing to cooperate with the Renoise team if asked.

this thread reminded me of some of the streeeeeeetch functions in flstudio n i revisited last night. Edison has a killer ‘graincloud’ stretch to extend percussion tails AND a transient window parameter that sets how much attack to let through. sound wise its fantastic, really natural sounding. my only gripe is its not native in the Renoise sampler (ahem).


sounds similar to the mulab ones, also keeps the transients intact :slight_smile:

FL Studio Timestretch iss really insane - not sur what that algorthm is or if they made it by imageline but real real good resultzz with that one!!

Beyond new algos, I would like another timestretch mode. A mode where, when you change note, pitch is not affected but only duration. If for example the C-3 sample is 5 seconds, the C-4 would be 2.5 seconds, the C-2 would be 10 seconds, but with absolutely no changing on the original pitch. Perhaps there is already another way for doing this?

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Not quite as convenient as the idea you described, and probably not suitable for all situations, but…

  • Take your sound and go into the waveform editor.
  • Create multiple overlapping slice markers at the same position within the sample.
  • Apply some unique properties (beatsync, pitch, whatever) to each individual slice.
  • Disable the [1>] toggle in the slice marker options so that the overlapping slices can play freely and won’t cut each other off.

Example: dblue-2019-11-08-stretch-slices.xrns (134.8 KB)


I would love to see the zplane’s elastique timestrech algo’s in Renoise. I know there is a licensing barrier here, how can this be funded? Maybe we need a “pro” version of Renoise, i would pay for this… :wink:

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If this ever happens then Paulstretch might be a good option for extremely long timestretching, since it’s open source.


Would be need indeed, but it’s “by design” not suitable for real-time processing.

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Any chances for a granular engine, with position and particle property controls?


Perhaps only available as an offline processing option in the sample editor :slight_smile: !

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I wonder if TAL Sampler’s timestretch is any good, it’s supposed to emulate vintage Akai and Emu samplers pretty well?

I think some CDP ts algos are better in this context, sometimes paulstretch sounds like it has something like freeverb module on the end of chain to mask timestretch artifacts. cdp pvoc timestretch with 4096 samples can stretch like i dunno black hole or something…

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are there any GUI frontends for the CDP library? like the sound of that…

thanks man, looks really promising but i get no luck with that tool, output file error every time for me :confused:

read back the last bunch of pages of that official tool thread, comes up a lot.

ah thanks! yeah i moved the executables and bobs my uncle. time to throw some snare drums down black holes…

This is actually an awesome idea, and I intend to use it now. :smiley:

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