More tunes for your amusement

That old page was lamer than scoopex.

I am trying to build a page at the moment … you can find it here :

Universal Deluxe

It’s pretty broken at the moment but you can click on ‘download files’ and there is some stuff there for you to hear.

I’ll let you know when it’s all up and running … and there will be more stuff there … just need to buy more webspace :)


:lol: :lol: :lol:
It’s a pleasure to see someone SO scene-wise :D
If you remember Abnormalia, ROM, RAW… then maybe you remember articles from Macno and Me…
Scoopex was one of our all times favourites to joke about :)

I used to find the scene quite good fun. If a little unpleasant at times. Lots of egos and stuff … but we were young! There seemed to be very real challenges to ourselves. Trying to get perfection in a world we barely understood. It was cool.

I left the scene a long time ago to make a life in computer game audio. I was working in house for many years at various companies here in the uk. Had a great time.

Now I’m going freelance and have branched out into audio for other media as well.

But I also have some spare time now to play with stuff … I was thinking of returning to the demo scene and maybe making some cool stuff.

Anyway - It’s nice to see such cool people here … still tracking … Rockmonitor is ready to ROK.

Hey, that CaptainInsecticide got my woman spontainiously dancing :)

Damn that was some nice song, to bad it was so short! One of the better songs I´we heard lately!

With some stronger vocals more lyrics you would have a radio hit.

I´d buy the record :)

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Like many of my ideas it remains undeveloped.
That is only a small slice of a larger tune but even the larger one needs to be developed further.


Maybe I’ll finish it sometime.

To be honest with you I am really in need of some good vocals.

I can write songs … tunes and lyrics … but my singing is not so good (as you can tell in ‘Captain Insecticide’.

So, if anyone here knows of a good vocalist looking for a project then plz let me know.

Well, we’re not exactly looking for “new projects”… but both me and my friend Barbara… we could be defined “good vocalists” (we are both paid to sing in studios + she is a music/singing teacher).

When I’m not recording myself… I use her voice… and, hell, she such a pro when it comes to record… you would LOVE to see that precision in all those nice-looking badly-singing starlettes…

If you want to have a listen, feel free to browse + download from her website…
You’ll find 3 demos on there…
The base is real bad… that’s some MIDI base (don’t know/it’s not my fault)
but skip it and focus on her voice :) All choirs and lead re-arranged by her.

You can also have a browse at my music page… that’s the Alien Sound Labs there you find some interesting audio clip…

As I said we’re not exactly “looking for new projects” but still it could be fun and interesting (on many levels) to cooperate…

Of course I look forward for RENOISE DEVELOPERS to implement Real-Time Recording with that double device… ah… that would boost production levels, indeed!

Hi Parsec - yeah man , cheers I’ll take a listen to those links.

My project is kind of Portishead-like. Triphop but with that pink floyd gravity.

I have been wanting to make a concept album … a big musical journey that builds … is prog.

A concept prog triphop album :)

I have some basic ideas down that you can hear … I can send mp3 or whatever.

Worth a shot!


Portishead is excellent music!!!

I will listen when I get home… :guitar:

Sounds interesting! :)
I guess at this point we better continue our dialogue via Email… ?

The Americas @ 5 min

Those are some of the most hilarious samples I have ever heard in a
song; aside from a certain Anthrax song that escapes me from “Attack
of the Killer Bees”.

Flatulence occupanied by bananas?

That’s the mattress I’m going to shag on later :)!!


Reminds me of negative land. Used many strange samples.


I have heard far worse in terms of singing. I don’t think it is bad at all…


I’m glad you like them. Thats what happens when you spend too long in a smokey studio … the song goes out of the window and you start trawling through old CDs of silly samples.

I like it when that happens