More tunes like this - Shanti Celeste

Hi, hope this is the right forum to post this in.

Quick bit of background, I’m not a traditional follower of dance music/techno/dnb etc. head like many people using Renoise. my interest in electronic music stems from The Chemical Brothers, the Wip3out soundtrack and bands like Hot Chip, Ladytron. etc.
I’m really an just an indie music fan that remembers Octamed on the A1200.

Anyway, I was in a record shop a couple of weeks back and this tune was playing.

I loved it. So much I bought it on 12" right there. It only has one track each side and I had to adjust the RPMs on my turntable. Apparently this is a dance music thing? :wink:

What I love about this track (and it’s remix on side B ) are what I would call the retro drums (it sounds like various 909 drum samples?) and the pads which are all 7th chords. They sound to me like old skool jungle where a pad would be sampled as a chord and then played back at different pitches?

What sub-genre of dance music is this and can anyone recommend similar artists please? Any tips on what goes into making a track like this would be really interesting as well.


it sounds cool :slight_smile: