More tutorials!!

I’d like to see more tutorials, whether as demo/tutorial songs included with renoise, videos on the youtube channel, etc…

It would really help me grasp some concepts to use routing, effect chains, etc… and imagine new ways to use this program’s awesome potential!!!

I’ve got dozens of loops/tracks/demos/fx chains I would consider to send in for adding to the package as a demo song!

I’m planning to publish several (video-)tutorials, specially about production of popular music styles with Renoise in detail. Yet I’m not sure, if these are going to be commercial, donationware or free. Just to let you know. The content itself def won’t be free. But of course I’d really like to know, what tutorials and content you guys would need or like to see. What kind of DSP-chains, instruments, tips for mixing, what kind of music or even musician styles, etc. etc.?

Another important point: Would you prefer tutorials about pure Renoise or Renoise + freeware VSTs instead?

Suggestions, wishes, ideas?

@Bit_Arts: That sounds awesomely interesting. I for myself always like to hear about other musicians workflow. Having a
workflow tutorial for artists that uses Renoise exclusively would be interesting, which would describe how to approach
the creative work involved in constructing a complete track.
About the VSTs: I guess for most some freeware VSTs would be interesting, but for myself I have to
speak up for pure Renoise, as VSTs on Linux are involved with a bit of hassle. So pure sample based
composing techniques are definitively more interesting to me.

I’d include VSTs if I were you, most people are going to want to use them.

In general i dun like vst’s very much… :( It’s a shitty technology to begin with, + most of the time you sacrifice portability just to use some stupid worthless gadgets.

I’d keep their usage to a minimum, especially those that are windowz-only.

I’m at the point where almost all my vst synths are, “rendered to sample.” What keeps something non-rendered, is a pad or something like that. In terms of mixing fx… damn, “its shitty spec,” it makes things crash… but when it comes to the fx, “amp sims, or compression, delay, verb, and eq.” Gosh, I like the variety of plugs I’ve got.

Anyways, as far as tutorials go, I don’t see why vst’s would have to be used at all. Self explanatory imho. Unless there is a specific vst, that you would like examined, in depth and all…

In the end depends on what the update-elves are preparing. If there’d be free waveform loops, velocity/keytracking curves for parameters and some essential param automation for native instruments, I’d also not see a need for VSTi. Same goes for the native DSPs. Send-tracks in groups, some minor fixes for the native compressors and the maximizer plus maybe a saturation device and I’d not see any need for external DSPs.

I was also thinking about a more in-depth section on about the internal effects, what they can do, more conventional and unconventional ways to use them, etc…