Most used tools

What are the tools you use the most when using Renoise? Which ones do you find yourself reaching for every time you make a song? What are the ones you couldn’t live without?

Personally Automatron and Automasher get used on nearly every project, closely followed by Baguetter and Resynth, it would be good to know what tools are popular with other users.

I’m big on the scalefinder, epic arp, convert notes to track, sample/waveform generator, write automation from pattern notes, and automation cleaner lol… I expect to use the morph synth a lot, but it just came out… I’ve barely had a chance to get a feel for it… but its a great one!!

Generate custom waveform , Resynth, scale mapper, freeze track and scale finder i use the most. And Duplex, when mixing <3.

Overtune, Rotate Pattern, Tap Tempo, all my keyboard shortcut stuff / instrument stuff / delay column stuff
If I made actual songs out of these millions of beats/loops I made I would definitely also recommend Automatron/Automasher

I use those little helpers a lot: SplitPatternPlus, PatternRotate, AutoCaptureFirstNote, OrganizeInstruments. I’m sure I forgot some great ones.

And I love AutoClonePatterns!

Duplex: Grid Pie


You mean … people … they use the tools? :unsure:

Nah, some of them only create them p

You are probably right, after 220 odd views and only 5 replies it has me wondering the same…

Edit: I just noticed that was my 100th post… woo hoo!

I put the Cabinet Simulator on just about every Bass I find; sometimes the lead, too. Just as an effect near the end, or through the whole song… It really adds character and spices up an otherwise quiet or dull patch. “Into the face” + Reese = dirty and sinister.

Signal Follower + Hydra -> Density (I know it’s a plug in, but it’s free so it “counts”) for all my side-chaining needs outside of Reason. Lately, I’ve been bringing out the kick from Reason on a separate channel on ReWire just so I can sidechain my ReNoise-based samples. I’m learning that signal following can be used for things besides just compression, though. ;)

Also I’ve found the multi-band send is a great way to make a multi-band distortion, with sidechain on the low end, a cabinet or something on the mid, and a reverb or phaser on the high.

And MIDI control, as that’s the only way to twiddle Reason’s Combinators.

Hahahaha… I give up, I’m off back to the tools forum… lol

Yeah, that was hilarious! :lol:


Too many good ones that are used off and on, statistically it must be ‘Auto Maximize Selected DSP Device’ ( as this is always enabled :) .