Motivation For Programmers

I am a programmer and so I know how good it feels, if people come to me and say that they really appreciate my work. Okay, I guess most of you already bought Renoise, as I did and this thread is for telling the developers how much we, the users, love what they did :)
They only see a bunch of feature requests, bug reports and other bad things the whole day long. Let’s support them.

I begin:
Renoise is by far the best tracker in the world. I love the interface from 1.28 and the 1.5-UI is even better. I never managed to handle VST-stuff in other applications, neither Cubase, nor modplug and in Renoise everything works perfect for me. In the whole time, I used this program, I never had a blue screen, although I use an EWX 24/96.

Keep up the good work!

feature requests are already a good way to let developers see how we appreciate the software :)

I don’t want to add any self-referring words of apreciations about the developers’ work: every person who uses and likes trackers knows why this kind of sotware can feed their needs better than the mainstram products.

This community itself is already a great, big “THANKS” to the devs, isn’t it? :blink:

Indeed it is, i used to think that skale was my salvation but then i tried out renoise and looked back on my music path as a bad spinout. Renoise has given me the possability of actually forming my sound image the way i always wanted . So thanks devs, i dont love you like my gf but nevertheless i still love you guys :P

With enough foresight to follow my migration pattern, I am happy that Renoise runs on OS X. I’ve tried a lot of other software similar to Renoise and none can compare for me. It’s the ultimate result to a decade of doing music as a hobby using computers, from one operating system to the next, Renoise takes what I love about making music and makes it possible. Thank you.

Since taking ReNoise I’ve lost 12kg and got a promotion! My teeth are whiter and I say the right things at formal outings. Thanks to ReNoise I can tackle the challenges of a high paced sucessful lifestyle and still have time for the good things in life like my family, the dog and the garden.

Actually, it’s pretty much the tracker I wanted to turn FT2 into in 1998, plus about 3752987 other cool features beyond the range of my conception.

I’m sure if the Devs felt drained they would let us all know. It’s pretty clear it’s all still going ahead A O K. Enjoy the ride while it lasts :)

I remember back in 98, 99, 00 we all used to worry if the scene was dying and whether tracking would last at all. I can only look back at those times and have a chuckle.

Not really. From another perspective that’s just more selfish “I want I want”.

Again, not really. This response reminds me of the scenario of a girlfriend asking “do you love me?” and her boyfriend answering with the classic clueless male reply of “well I’m here, aren’t I?” The answer is logical, but displays a lack of empathy. ;) All geeks tend do this sort of thing - I do it too. Ironically, I’m probably doing it now. Too much of our brains are devoted to systems-thinking to remember how to deal with other people very well.

But I don’t have to put on my gratitude. Thanks Renoise team, the host you’ve created is unique among sequencers, trackers and soft studios, and only getting better. I’m particularly impressed by the degree of alpha and beta testing 1.5 underwent, and the philosophy of getting the foundations of the program right before proceeding further.