Motu Volta

So is Renoise and motu volta a good match? Is there anyone using the two together? Anyone excited about this?

no ones ever heard of it?

A friend told me about his enthusiasm for the Volta product since he owns an analog.

Its something I personally can’t dig at the moment due to budgets and such, probably something I’ll ask around if local studious have it along with some nice collections of analog synths and cv controlled pedals. That or just get a midi to cv converter and buy a few pedals I’ve had my eyes and ears on.

Thanks for bringing it up.

if you care about timing Id stay away from midi to cv converters. not that great music hasn’t been made with them.

It’s always possible to fix up the timing after recording.

I noticed the new Motu Volta stuff and it looks very descent.
If you consider buying one and you have the money, do it !
Motu is imo always good quality stuff. :yeah:

I think an app has to support volta to work. So it won’t work in renoise without some help

What ?


Control voltage blows away midi when it comes to great tight timing. Not with polyphony. but midi has got its problems. Everyone knows this, but I knew Id get a reaction