Mouse Gestures In Renoise

I know Renoise is relatively more “keyboard-oriented” and that’s fine.

But if it also had mouse gestures it would be even nicer. (If you don’t know mouse gestures yet, you can see how they work in Opera, for example.)

You could have, let’s say:

  1. R-click+scroll wheel goes trough the (pattern, sample, instrument) editors. Or trough the instruments/samples.
  2. R-click+left=undo. -right=redo.
    3… ecc.
    It would be great if those were user configurable, of course.

Maybe you can already do mouse gestures inside Renoise with some other program, I haven’t tried it yet.
But, if it’s not difficult to implement, it would be better if Renoise had its own.

What do you think?

Some mouse gestures or some mouse button combinations would be great!

Hmmm, hitting radnom butttons when I drop my mouse (well trackerball actually) as I work with it on my lap a lot of time, and things changing, going back pages when on internet etc, quite anoy me as I can never work out what I did to do it…

Generally sounds quite a good idea though. I should just stop being so clumsy. I’m surprised my mouse and keyboard still work to be honest with you ;)

Talking about mouse… the middle button:

The middle button could be used to “grab and drag” the pattern(you know, with that hand). Like it’s now done with scrolling, but it would also work for horizontal directions (nice when you have lots of tracks). And it would also work in the sample editor, when you have the sample zoomed.

I agree with the last post. One thing i adore about Maya is how the middle mouse button is used for moving almost in all circumstances. Sometimes you turn on a manipulator and drag handles with left click etc, but in general you’ll use the middle mouse for moving anything in abstract space (the ui, not the 3d world you work with). This distinction makes it easy to avoid mistakes.

It’d be nice to have a middle click to drag options that ensures that left clicks are for selecting and middles are for moving. Less awkward for those that work very fast.

This would probably have to be opt-in rather than opt-out though, i can see it might be one mouse button too many for some.

I hate mouse gesturing. Nice RSI inducer and I always accidently did gestures. Never found it added somethinig extra in a browser either, since you have your left hand on the keyboard.

However, that middle mouse button idea is great!


No, I never understood the sense of gestures. Hotkeys rule!

Well, I thought about mouse gestures since you practically need the mouse in Renoise. And I doubt that it would be possible to make all operations executable by keyboard.
I got very accustomed to mouse gestures in my browser. No way I could browse as comfortably with the keyboard.

Anyway I checked StrokeIt. It works nice with most programs, but not Renoise. It does perform those defeault basic operations, like minimize, resize window… but I couldn’t make it work with shortcuts like Ctrl+Z. I couldn’t assign any shortcuts.

Bump for ermi, who had this idea years before me. :)

I was just thinking that having right-click mouse gestures for transport controls could be quite handy.

(Optional in preferences)

You’d be surprised, there’s very little I touch the mouse for these days. I’ve got shortcuts for focusing each panel, and adding effects and a large part of sample editing / instrument sample navigation is done by keyboard for me. Ditto for the automation window and manipulating the effects chain.

One of the few things I can’t get around is that I need the mouse to get the focus on the add instrument dropdown list, which seems like a stupid thing to need the mouse for… but oh well. The other thing is the kontakt-esque “keyboard sampler” layout view… but that’s relatively newer so I’m holding out hope that eventually they’ll make it more keyboard navigation friendly. There’s also the advanced edit panel, but I try to avoid using that for this very reason. The last annoying thing is dialog boxes. I’d like to be able to press ‘y’ or ‘n’ (or command-y or command-n or something) like in most other apps.

I think it’s feasible to get to a point where it’s all keyboard. The only two spots where the mouse is truly beneficial for me is 1) sample editing 2) tweaking a VST gui. The other functionality is 95% keyboard accessible, and hopefully will be 100% keyboard accessible soon…


I don’t get it. Is this gesturing at a mouse or like a mouse? What does a mouse have to do with Renoise anyway? A rodent and a DAW? I don’t even.

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Mouses are for CHUMPS![spoiler]I’m just playing.

No it doesn’t because Renoise does not use the platform’s common dialog and keyboard control but relies on lower level routines from DirectX (or whatever low level hardware drivers the platform uses for gfx and keyboard etc.), for that reason a lot of redirection tools that allow this kind of control, don’t work on Renoise because they can’t intercept stuff and inject messages.

Middle mouse button on a track anywhere in Pattern Editor is mute track. That’s more than enough gestures for me. :P