Mouse Moving Really Slowly

Hi :) I recently had to upgrade my mouse drivers and now my mouse moves very slowly in Renoise. Does
anyone know how this might be fixed short of reinstalling Renoise?

Start the control panel for your Mouse, go to the movement tab and uncheck the box “deactivate acceleration in games”.

Thank you!!! That worked perfectly :) Much appreciated!

I always knew making music is kind of a cool game. ^^

Is there any other way? Because I won’t need acceleration in games when I get a new mouse.

I mean I know one and that is to minimize Renoise in the taskbar and then maximize again… but it’s only temporary: if I keep it maximized in the background, switch to another app and then come back to Renoise it’s slow again.

EDIT: Nevermind… with a high DPI mouse I probably wouldn’t need acceleration anywhere, so the problem wouldn’t exist.