"Mouse On Mars - On Hair" Domomino Radio Dj Set

I find this, pretty cool:

mouse on mars have put together the hairiest tracks of the season, some longer and some shorter, to provide inspiring examples for a successful summer hairdo. andi toma, jan st. werner and guest presenter eric d clarke edited their selection with love and cut it according to the latest discosmetic trends. domomino radio’s exclusive hairwave transmissions feature shlomo, heralds of change, schlammpeitziger, samiyam, siriusmo, wevie stonder, nathan michel, the books, salva, jason forrest, luke vibert, noisemashinetapes, hudson mohawke, javelin, workshop, detroit grand pupahs, smith& hack, pavan, squire of gothos and many other electronic hairoes.



edit: I cant edit the title, its Domino, not Domomino