Mouse 'scrub' Vol/pan/delay/fx/instrument Parameters.

When in the pattern editor it would be nice to be able to ‘scrub’ the Vol, pan, delay, fx and instrument-no parameters with the mouse similar to the way one can scrub the pattern lengt parameter. Drag right to increase, drag left to decrease. This would enable lightning fast editing and be plain nice.

Have the same same idea for a long time but never posted it.
As renoise has no pianoroll I think playing notes live and having the option to scrub delay parameters in the patterneditor would be a big feature.

So big + 1

Yeeeesshhh!! Scrubbing is awesome!



great idea!

I would really like to see more V/P/D-column options in general. I often type in values in the wrong column by mistake, and it would be really convenient to be able to highlight only one column, select those values and then move those around freely (also to interpolate etc. brought this up in another thread, it would be nice to not use the advanced editor).

Would make it so you have to be a lot more precise when dragging to make a selection in the Pattern Editor. I can see myself constantly changing values when all I wanted to do was make a selection! Maybe if there was some kind of pause on click to enable the mode it might work though. But again that might feel clunky. Although I did get used to the Hold To Drag option and it would be kind of similar I guess…

This wouldn’t be an issue since selecting and scrubbing are usually assigned to different mouse buttons or, alternatively, scrubbing is only active when a modifier key is held down.

In After Effects on windows scrobbing parameter is mapped to be active when ctrl is held and holding crtl+shift or ctrl+alt while scrobbing alters the sensitivity of the scrob meaning you can be both really precise and really fast by altering parameters this way. This is the best implementation I’ve seen of the feature so far although a lot of programs has the feature.

OK, I thought you wanted to be able to do it the same way as you do with BPM (lmb=small changes, rmb=big changes, no modifier.) In general I think it’s a good idea, just a small amount of thought is needed in its application.