Mouse Wheel Is Not Working

what could be the problem here? i am on win xp sp3, running renoise 2 and my mouse wheel is not working in any section of the program. in other windows programs everything is ok.

Do you have some specific mouse-driver management installed where you can assign specific functions to mousebuttons and the scroll wheel?
If so which vendor?

Those drivers tend to send different messages than just “OneUp” and “OneDown” but may also send the amount of lines to go up or down ("-3" or “3”) i had this experience in the past with Microsoft drivers for their Explorer wheelmouse.

it is just an ordinary, very cheap logitech usb optical mouse and i haven’t installed any additional drivers. “driver” tab in HID device says following:
Microsoft, 01.07.2001, version 5.1.2600.0.

btw, i was also wondering why, even if song is not playing and renoise minimised, i get 20-30% cpu load on renoise in windows task manager? renoise itself can show 2-20% cpu load in the same time.

The taskmanager shows the complete CPU usages of Renoise while the CPU meter in Renoise only shows the audio resources that the CPU uses.

CPU consumption when a song is not played can also depend on whether certain plugins keep performing calculations or produce audio. For VST instruments you could try to check the “Auto suspend” box so that if Renoise receives no audible output data from the plugin, it halts their processing.
Not all plugins stop processing, even if Renoise terminates their output process, e.g. internal LFO mechanisms that keep running either instruments or effect plugins.
Minimising renoise does not change the way Plugins behave unfortunately.

vv: thanks for explanation.