Mouse Wheel Scrolling, One Line Resolution


first, great job, devs.

my problem: when I use the mouse wheel for scrolling in the pattern sequencer, it jumps two lines at a time. I often need to use the cursor keys to adjust the final position.

Solution is obvious, just make it scroll one line at a time. Would, er, increase the workflow, empower the employee, and that stuff. Make things easier. Puhlease.

The ideal solution of course, as with all things, would be a customisable value the user could change in the config area :)

How about if the mouse wheel follows Editstep?

This part will only work if you have installed mouseware that also accepts the amount of line-skips in a parameter.

The default scrollwheel API of windows only listens to “more” or “less” messages and then there is the difference in messages between the Win9x API for the scrollwheel and the WinNT5x API.

I have written a few routines for scrollwheel actions in my own applications and never got the precision i wanted using the general windows API libraries.
I couldn’t demand from everyone to install some extra bloatware to have this precision at the fingertips. I could get it done for Win9x because Win9x depends on such drivers, but that was as good as i could get it done.


I think dby meant Renoise editstep, as in e.g. ctrl+2, not the mouseware linestep.

I know, but…
Okay… i guess you could indeed easier translate a “more” or “less” message to “editStep” skip positions
I was a bit confused when having to set the amount of lines to skip.
(this you can only set in the mouseware configuration and not from within the application)