Mousepointer problems in XP

I didn’t find any reports or questions about this so I made my own post here. When I work in ReNoise 1.261 the mousepointer often changes into a WinXP icon, like the .exe-file icon or the stop-icon etc. which makes it very difficult to click on the right button in the interface. It restores to the normal ReNoise pointer after 10 seconds or so, but often get an icon again… and again and again…

WinXP Pro + SP1
nVidia GF4Ti4200, 44.03 Detonators

Please help, ReNoise is amazing, but that bug is making it difficult to work in… Very difficult.

Well, that’s a new one…
I use XP myself, with a nvidia gf4 mx440 card.
Can you look in the log.txt to see if there’s any error messanges after running?

recently i downloaded a few new VSTs, and one of them (either ‘crazy diamonds’ or ‘zr3’) turns the renoise pointer into a help bubble after i close its window. the icon changes back after a while, but until it does it’s kind of annoying.

though overall i find it more bizarre than annoying. :P

No errors in the log.txt whatsoever. The only plugin I used, except the defaults, was QuadraSID VSTi 1.4. It SEEMS that the wacky pointer/icon thing is only happening in full-screen mode. Which turns out to give me a solution, I just make it windowed (looks the same, functions the same)