Mousewheel On Scrollbars

In 1.5 i was able to change value (to TRUE) in hidden part of config file, and move a scroll bars with mouse wheel.
How can i do the same in 1.8 ?
Didn’t find any parameter in config file to enable this little but very addictible feature. :(

it works here by default. you have to set the focus to the part where to scroll (the orange-corner-frame should be around the focused part).

once it is focused, the scrollbar moves correctly when moving the mouse wheel.

I’m running Windows 2000 here at work, but I will not able to test it at home (Windows XP) in a few.

try this: left-click the pattern editor to focus it, then move the mouse wheel

Ok, thanx man!
I have Win2000 at home and i’ll try to use those Focus as you recommend.
Probably i was working with F8 ON (focus lock option)

Testing at work on Windows XP…
Nothing happens :(
Didin’t work when focused, even if i select the effect box (solid orange frame) it didn’t scrolls.

I’ll test also on Win2000 at home & report later.

More testers please!

It’s also didn’t work at my Win2000 at home…
With focus, with selection, with mouse buttons pressed or not - mousewheel didn’t affect on scroll bars :(

Any ideas ? How can i enable this ?..

finally tried here at home with WinXP. Works for me (logitech mouse)

ceejay meant that he wants to control the DSP /sliders/ with the mouse wheel. The “hidden” option for that is no more in 1.8, sorry.

Oh God :( Whyyy ?.. Why you discount so useful option i’ve loved so!

Every time when i need to finetune some slider - i’ve used mousewheel on slider. Now i have to kilck on arrows or push and slide…

I’m broken

Is there any chance to get this little but very addictable feature back ?
I miss it so much :(

Hide it if you want, but leave it …
It’s not significant or critical feature, i understand,
but i really can’t wean it off …

Sorry, I didn’t knew that anyone knew about it, so i removed it while it was in the way. Let me see if I can reanimate it.
BTW: to finetune a slider value you also can hold down control, then drag it.

It would be great if you be able to reanimate it!
Thanks for hope.
I know about finetune with ctrl, but workin’ with mousewheel that way become my wery habit! And i can’t get rid of it… Everytime trying and everytime forgeting that is’s unable…
Please reanimate in next update :) Thanx !!!

UP! Please reanimate if it’s not too late :pray: