Move A Single Note Shortcut

Dear fellow renoizas…

I looked around in the forum and the shortcuts,
but haven’t found, what I’m looking for…

is it possible to move notes under the cursor one step up or done with a shortcut?
Sometimes it’s annoying to mark-cut-paste a note,
just to put it back right next to it…

perhaps this would be obsolete if my music skills would be
killing awesome, so I alway know exactly where to put a note,
…but till then, I often move notes around in small steps, just to try around :rolleyes:

and btw, when I’m already asking…:

is it possible to transpose the note under the cursor one note/octave up/down
with a shortcut?

this is not possible without also moving the other notes in a block/column/track/pattern, which can be done using the shortcuts available into
Edit => Preferences => Keys => Pattern Edit => Insert/Delete

in general, there is no operation which can be done with the “note under the cursor”: you have to create a one note block using LCTRL+B and LCTRL+E in sequence to define Begin and End of the block on the same cell. Then, you can use LALT+F1/F2/F11/F12 to shift one note/octave down/up

all shortcuts are user definable in
Edit => Preferences => Keys

wow B)

thanks for the quick reply…

on the one side, I’m glad, that I wasn’t only too dump to look closely,
but on the other side I’m sad that it’s not possible :)

the transponation is ok on block level (for a single step I do my block selection with shift+up+down;)

but moving notes with the mouse is not always very comfortable,
I’m mean in a keyboard-controlled tracker system at least… ;)

perhaps a shortcut for the selected block:
move one step up / down wouldn’t be that hard to implement?

Still quite easy with a keyboard but a couple more click than you want.

You have to be above the note you want to move. Hit Insert. It will move everything under it down by a line. Now go down a couple of lines, so you are under the note and hit Backspace. This will move everything from under it back up a line. May still be a quicker workflow than reaching for the mouse. One of the moves will function from being on the note but can’t remember if it’s Insert or Backspace off the top of my head.